We thought the unprecedented fire season of 2019-20 was enough to shock us to our core and strip our lives of unnecessary stuff. Many of us, including our surfing reserve community, were directly impacted. There was luck for some, but for many, the nature of the climatic impacts mean many communities will be working through grief and loss for some time.

Then COVID-19. Then the Trump-era ended. Now climate change is back on the agenda and there is hope and optimism about the future.

For much of last year, our beloved beaches became our safe havens to isolate. Despite some city-beaches being periodically closed and surfers told to stay home, and reports of 1980s localism conflicted with what many think is essential, to go surfing. As we emerge from our own bubbles and explore Australia’s many thousands of beaches, what will get us through current and future challenges is an engaged, connected and supported community.

And as we get through this covid-19 era together, miraculously between Zoom meetings, homeschooling and attending to our evermore attention-seeking pets, we have finally completed our website.

Yes. Our new website is FINALLY done! Trust us, we have had endless rabbit holes getting access to our own domain… and well, we will leave the rest to history for now.

We hope our new website will become a new home for existing and new surfing reserve communities to be informed about what is happening among the surfing reserve community.

A special shout out to NSW Crown Lands for providing funding and Alex Norman from alnmakes for coming on board to get this long-awaited website project sorted. We can vouch for her professionalism, creativity and patience. Thank you!