Maroubra, nicknamed the “Bra”, is one of those surfing reserves, declared in March 2006. The breaks here are phenomenal (not to mention consistent) and the views breathtaking. Even better, it is only a few kilometers from Sydney CBD.

If you are looking to have a taste of Australian waves and the surf culture, Maroubra is a great place to start.

And here is all you need to know about surfing in Maroubra.

Surfing in Maroubra:

Photo: Brad Whittaker

This beach stretches about one kilometer in length. You are sure to catch waves all year round—talk about consistency.

Some believe it is one of the most dangerous beaches in Sydney. But two lifesaving clubs patrol all year round. Just be careful and don’t be overconfident.

Maroubra beach has a mainly sandy bottom but there are reef pockets at the north and south corners. Great breaks can be found all along the beach—left and right beach breaks and a left point break.

According to Surf-Forecast, the best time to surf here is during Winter, specifically July. During other times, the waves are mostly ideal for beginners and intermediate surfers.

You should know that this is a cherished surf spot for locals. The coastline is very important to the Australian surf community.

That said, the locals can be a little too protective, especially the ‘Bra Boys’. Avoid getting into trouble by being respectful.

Oh, and the beach can be packed on weekends—but not as much as Bondi beach.

The Maroubra National Surfing Reserve has a lot to offer to surfers– beginners and pros alike. The waves are consistent throughout the year and the views are glorious. There are surf schools and shops to help you surf like a local. And when you are done surfing, you can enjoy some good food and drinks at one of the above restaurants.

Photo: Brad Whittaker