North Narrabeen

Australia is at the top of many surfers’ destination lists—honestly, it has everything a surfer would wish for. The surfer’s paradise has more surf breaks than you can count.

While they are all awesome, North Narrabeen is definitely one of the best. Who wouldn’t want a consistent break? And not just that. Pros have described it as “interesting”. In Kye Fitzgerald’s words, “a new day, a new week, a new swell.”

There’s rarely a day without a thrilling wave in North Narrabeen. And you never know which world-famous surfer you’ll meet there (they come from all over the globe).

The North Narrabeen National Surfing Reserve was declared in Oct 2009. If you are looking to visit and surf, here is everything you need to know.

North Narrabeen Point (Narra Point):
There’s no better place to go if you want high-quality waves. The left hand point break is at the north side of Narrabeen beach. It has a rocky reef bottom so be careful. But the waves are phenomenal and consistent. On a good day, the length can be up to 300 meters. The swell size starts at 3 to 5 feet and holds up to 8 feet. You are guaranteed to have lots of fun here—as long as you are experienced. If you’re a beginner, the wise thing to do would be to watch advanced surfers display their styles.

Turimetta Beach:
If you find that Narra Point is too crowded, make your way to Turimetta beach for a more peaceful experience. It is also known as Little Narrabeen. It is a small beach, only 350 meters long, between Narrabeen Head and Turimetta Head. The surf here is consistent and fairly reliable. There are short left and right hand beach breaks as well as a left hand reef break. The normal length of the waves is about 50 to 150 meters. The swell starts at less than 3 feet and holds up to 8 feet. Little Narrabeen is quite popular with the locals. So you need to be very respectful to avoid getting into trouble. Also, watch out for rocks and sharks.

Warriewood Beach:
Located a few minutes from Turimetta. It is characterized by consistent and powerful waves—every surfer’s favorite. You can almost always find a surfable wave here. But it can be flat during summer, so check the forecast before you go. There are right and left hand beach breaks as well as a point break. The swell size starts at about 3 feet and holds up to 8+ feet. The bottom is sandy with rocks. Here, the normal wave length is about 50 meters. But you can get up to 150 meters on a good day. This beach can be crowded but, if you are lucky, you won’t find many people during weekdays. Watch out for pollution, rocks, and rips.

There is a reason why North Narrabeen is regarded as one of the best places to surf on earth. It is so special to the surfing community in Australia that it was declared a National Surfing Reserve. The waves are phenomenal and there is never a boring day.